Oaklawn Academy

Students: 216 | Faculty: 22 | Grades: 6-9 | Gender: Boys

Oaklawn Academy

Address: 432 Liguori Road, Edgerton, WI 53534
Website: http://www.oaklawnacademy.org/

Founded in 1984 by the Roman Catholic religious order, the Legionaries of Christ, the all-boys Oaklawn Academy moved from its original location in Connecticut to Edgerton, Wisconsin, in 1986 with enthusiastic alumni assistance.

As a private, international elementary boarding school costing $35,793 annually, Oaklawn has 216 students in grades 6 to 9. Twenty-two staff members offer traditional academic courses, as well as a wide-range of sports and extracurricular activities, weekly outings and extended trips, including a 10-day trip to Rome. Steeped in the Catholic faith, the Academy also celebrates Roman Catholic Mass.

In addition to a quality education, Oaklawn Academy focuses on character and value development, and personal integrity, morality, and service are embedded in the daily lessons.

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Oaklawn Academy