100 Year Legacy

Auburn Adventist Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian high school in Auburn, Washington. Established in 1919, the Academy has almost 100 years of experience in offering students a genuine spiritual atmosphere, a broad diverse academic experience, as well as a safe, friendly and accepting environment.

Educating for Life & Eternity

Auburn Adventist Academy provides a Seventh-day Adventist education that challenges our students to transform their community as disciples of Jesus by:

  • Enhancing relationships while serving others
  • Empowering them to be successful in college, work, and life
  • Experiencing a genuine friendship with Jesus Christ

Education Philosophy

AAA, while promoting high achievement in the academic disciplines, seeks to transmit a unique body of beliefs, all embedded with Christian principles, including those special to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This, AAA endeavors to equip students with the spiritual, physical, mental, and social skills required of responsible, productive citizens of the world and faith-based community.