St. Albans School

Students: 575 | Faculty: 100 | Grades: 4-12 | Gender: Boys

St. Albans School

Leave a Review » Address: St. Albans School, Mount St. Alban, Washington DC 20016

St. Albans School is an independent boarding and college preparatory day school for boys spanning grades 4-12. Founded in 1909, it has a total of 575 students with an endowment of $45 million. Students are required to attend worship twice a week.

It has received honors and has many noble alumni, including Al Gore and Jesse Jackson Jr. The school features several publications and the school mascot is the bulldog.

Students are also required to participate in sports, with many activities available including soccer, football, lacrosse, and wrestling.

St. Albans competes in the IAC, or Interstate Athletic Conference. In addition to rigorous academics, it also features a school of public service, with students selected for the 4-week summer program.

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St. Albans School