St. Anne’s-Belfield School was founded in 1910 and is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. The institution is a private boarding school whose intentions are to prepare the students, from pre-kindergarten through twelve grades, for post secondary college education. Originally two separate schools, St. Anne’s and Belfield, the institution were merged in 1975. St. Anne’s-Belfield houses both male and female students. Led by David S. Lourie, there is over 115 faculty members spanning 4 buildings and 49 acres of campus and is accredited by The Virginia Association of Independent Schools. Sporting colors of white and maroon, St. Anne’s-Belfield has many athletic teams including: Swimming, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Tennis. The school teaches its students to behavior honorably, and to live by the school mantra “A student is not to lie, cheat or steal.”