Fishburne Military School located in Waynesboro, Virginia is one of the top military schools for boys. This school provides excellent academics, military structure, and camaraderie for boys grades 7 to 12. With some post-graduate study as well. Students at Fishburne can take part in college prep courses including mathematics, science, history, government studies and English course. This military boarding school is designed to allow students to focus primarily on their studies without the distractions that are commonly found in co-ed and public schools. Fishburne Military School has a quality athletic program that includes baseball, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, track and field and wrestling. The overall goal for the faculty at Fishburne is to emphasize hard work, team pride and teamwork. They encourage all cadets to take part in team sports in order for the young men to learn about good sportsmanship and discipline.