Fieldstone Academy is located in Richfield, Utah. Fieldstone is a coeducational boarding school focusing on Academic Catch-up and College Preparation. Fieldstone is not a school for students with serious behavioral or criminal issues but has been described as a school for good kids who have gotten off track. Offering a highly structured, education and life skills training environment, aimed at the improvement of the whole child, Fieldstone has shown itself very successful at reaching children from every state in the Union and many foreign countries. Students with ADD/ADHD and long tern anxiety issues have been shown to be very successful in the campus positive peer environment. Fieldstone teachers and staff have always believed that the improvement of self concept through solid academic improvement and social skills and family support training can serve to redirect and inspire students toward success in high school and beyond. Substantial tuition discounts are available for long term students. Fieldstone has an open enrollment with students arrivals throughout the school year. Fieldstone is fully accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the State Office of Education. Parent referrals are available on request.