List of Schools for Troubled Teens

Parents who are at their wits end with their troubled or troublesome child often look into what options are available that allows the student to get the professional help they need while continuing their education.

That’s what therapeutic boarding schools are about.

Their staff is generally trained and experienced in helping teenagers that exhibit bad behaviors and/or emotional problems, even substance abuse.

But not all therapeutic schools are created equal and research is important. Don’t take picking the right school for your child lightly.

Some Questions to Ask

There’s a lot of research any parent should do before choosing this type of boarding school. Here’s just a list for starters:

  1. The Location
    Where is it? Can you drive there? Fly there? Cheaply?
  2. Cost of Tuition
    Many of these schools cost tens of thousands, can you afford it?
  3. Accreditation
    Would a college accept their diploma? Do they have any certifications?
  4. Quality of Education
    Is this school so focused on therapy that education gets sidelined?
  5. Types of Therapy
    It’s very important to know the methods your child will be exposed to.

Research, Research, Research!