Ranch for struggling boys on a 50,000 acre working cattle ranch near Yellowstone National Park that will provide your son with an experience that will change him for a lifetime.


On our remote 50,000-acre working cattle ranch and farm located in Wyoming, near Yellowstone National Park, troubled boys receive the individualized attention that they need.

Therapeutic working ranch in Wyoming

Triangle Cross Ranch is a special place where your son will learn the lessons of a lifetime. Every boy has dreamed of being a cowboy. Picture your boy helping round up one thousand cattle on horseback in America’s breathtaking Yellowstone Park region!  Life struggles that impact pre-teens and teens in today’s culture disappear as boys understand important life principles and academics in a unique, transformational approach.

With over 30 years of experience with boys (ages 10-17), Triangle Cross Ranch enlists mentors in our approach to instill principles of family and love as well as the “Cowboy Code of the West” – an honorable, manly approach to life that is still alive and well in Wyoming.  This approach is based on our strong Catholic faith, and we accept families from all Christian traditions. We call this “Reality Counseling” and your son will never be the same. Our experienced, caring and committed staff provides strong academics as well as trade school education.

If your son attends the Triangle Cross Ranch program, you’ll see how the impact that hard work and spiritual development can reshape him in a positive way. We promise families the success of our long-term program for troubled teen boys. If your boy relapses after discharge after a successful complete 12 months in our program, we will accept him back for corrective counseling for 30 days at no additional fee.

Here on the 50,000-acre working ranch and farm in rustic Wyoming, troubled young boys, ages 10-17, experience important life lessons that change them for good. Struggles in today’s culture quickly fade as boys understand key principles taught at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC.

And here’s where your boy’s spiritual, physical and mental transformation begins! Young men at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC face physical challenges daily caring for 1,000 cattle on our working cowboy ranch. Plus, in the classroom and workshop, students must tackle their academic/trade school goals. Working, learning, and riding side by side, students travel new paths that lead to new life perspectives.

Our team provides personal attention, focused academics, and trade school education — what each student needs based on his strengths, skills, and interests. And as part of our effective Reality Counseling, we always practice the “Code of the West.”

Our Mission

“Helping At-Risk Young Men Renew Their Mind, Body & Spirit.”

“Through the love of Christ, we aim to educate the mind, strengthen the body, and elevate the spirit of each at-risk young man at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC. Healing transformation begins when struggling young men recognize that life is sacred and discover their God-given talents in His wonderful Creation.”
That’s why, as Christians, we create and use an authentic cowboy experience to heal mentally, emotionally troubled, wounded young men, ages 10-17. We help them find new life filled with Christlike love.

Therapeutic working ranch in WyomingA New Beginning

No matter what hinders the mental and physical health of a young man, he deserves a new beginning, regardless of how rocky that fresh start may be! Although healing internal struggles comes down to the young man himself, our program involves living, working, praying and overcoming obstacles together, as a team.

Through our program, your teen will learn to handle the difficulties that life can bring and learn to be responsible for himself and others in his care. And he’ll learn the ‘simple’ way of life as he trains in:

  • Ranch Management
  • Horsemanship
  • Outdoorsmanship

Reality Counseling

By changing his current lifestyle, your son will go through ‘real life’ cowboy therapy–on the ranch, at the farm, and in the great outdoors. Through participation and self-motivation, he’ll uncover his inner strengths and weaknesses. Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC not only helps him deal with issues and stresses in a healthy and appropriate manner once they leave, but also helps him recognize his personal responsibilities in life back home.

Yes, ranch life may be simple, but it’s never easy. Young men in our program face lots of trials. But this kind of hands-on living fosters personal growth, and maturity, as he walks through its challenging experiences.

Where At-Risk Boys Walk New Roads, Gain New Lives

Support His Journey

Every young man’s life journey differs, but every trail involves a deeper knowledge and understanding of his developing personality. In turn, each student’s journey at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC guides him to acknowledge and understand:

  • Dignity
  • Essence of character
  • Spiritual love
  • Personal insight and responsibility

Why Wyoming

Most of the youth who come to Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC are from large metropolitan areas. Here they experience a totally new environment steeped with beauty, challenge, and excitement. Getting him out of his comfort zone allows each boy to discover himself in the quietness of God’s creation: the mountainous country near Yellowstone Park is one of the last real wildernesses in the continental US. Society recognizes the growing need to serve troubled youth outside of brick and mortar institutions. Ranches are of inestimable value in this endeavor. Conventional school systems tend to keep the boys in a “box” and they become bored and act out. At Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC they are let out of the “box” to explore and follow their natural instincts and talents.

New Paths, New Views!

Our back-to-basics, log-style buildings on a remote, rural ranch in Wyoming helps your young man appreciate what you provide for him back home. He learns not to take his opportunities for granted and opens up to gratitude in this life that helps him journey through it. The young men that join Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC leave with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and the work ethic that helps them successfully transition into adulthood.

Therapeutic working ranch in Wyoming