House of Hope Kansas City is a Christian-based therapeutic center providing affordable counseling for teen girls with their parents through in-residence and long-distance, online sessions.  They offer a licensed residential group home for teenage girls 12 through 17, an accredited school, and integrated parenting counseling and support.

  • Christ-Centered Counseling
  • Structured Education at Hope Academy
  • Daily Spiritual Guidance and Teaching
  • Parent and Teen Interactive Counseling

House of Hope Kansas CityTHERAPY:  The House of Hope therapeutic program is designed to help girls who are struggling with emotions, trauma or motivations in life.

MISSION: The House of Hope mission is to bring about healing in teenage girls who have gotten off track in life. Their goal is to bring about family restoration, harmony and purposeful living with a focus on a strong future for each girl student.

EDUCATION: Students attend the on-site school, Hope Academy, which focuses on the learning needs of each of the students. Classroom instruction meets the requirements of the State of Kansas, and students can even earn a high school diploma if they enter the program as a senior. Field trips are scheduled to provide hands-on learning and opportunities for teens to serve in their community.

GOAL: The House of Hope goal is to help students get back on track and provide a smooth transition to their next educational setting. Most students are behind their regular grade level when they come to House of Hope because of poor attendance and lack of motivation. Hope Academy seeks to provide a safe, caring, Christ-centered environment where students can best develop the academic skills and character necessary to successfully rejoin their families and communities.

House of Hope


House of Hope strives to provide top-quality, affordable care for hurting adolescents and their families. They focus on the following cognitive behavioral therapy issues for teenaged girls:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Defiance
  • Others

House of Hope provides a structured phase system. Each phase has an increased expectation of responsibility of the prior phase level. By learning trust, teens will also be earning privileges. Privileges increase with each level. Privileges are important for teen’s personal growth and maturity as a young woman. It is important to use these privileges with maturity and responsibility. Staff will evaluate your teen’s growth to determine promotion to the next phase.

Throughout the House of Hope program, teen girls and their families experience the transforming power of love.  Through Christian counseling and education, teenagers learn the tools to overcome negative influences and becoming functioning and contributing members of society.  Call House of Hope at (913) 262-8885 for a FREE consultation now!  The House of Hope Admission Team will work confidentially with you to discuss your daughter’s needs and other information about their program.