boarding schoolsEF Academy International Boarding Schools prepares students for a global future with a superior secondary school education in the US or UK. At EF Academy, we believe in every student’s ability to succeed. We empower them to do so through our renowned curricula, as well as quality one-on-one relationships with teachers and mentors alike. Built into every course is an emphasis on multilingualism and intercultural exchange, which helps distinguish our students’ academic credentials to both university admissions officers and future employers.


EF Academy New York is a four-year high school. In their first two years during grades 9 through 10, students can follow the IGCSE program or the US High School Diploma. The IB Diploma program can be followed in the last two years of high school by students ages 16-19. This exceptional program offers an extensive and balanced curriculum that prepares students for success in their furthering studies, career, and beyond.  

boarding schoolsInstruction and guidance at EF Academy New York are highly personal. Students engage in interactive lessons in small classes led by inspiring teachers, many of which are New York natives and know exactly how to highlight enriching and educational opportunities in the area. Students can look forward to lessons balanced with both reflective observation and experiential learning. This is all with the benefit of personal support from dedicated counselors and university advisors who help them achieve their goals.

Co-curricular Activities

Universities look for well-rounded students who extend their learning beyond the classroom. Students at EF Academy New York have access to a wide range of co-curricular activities. From subject-specific academic groups and competitions to club and varsity sports, there’s an option for every student. Our school’s activities coordinator also arranges teacher-led excursions for students on the weekends so they have several opportunities to explore Manhattan by visiting all the museums, musicals, and sights the city is known for.  

University Placement

EF Academy New York graduates have been accepted to top-ranked universities such as Harvard University, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, boarding schoolsHigh Point University, and Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as international universities, ranked highly for the fields of business and engineering. Dedicated university guidance counselors work with students on a one-on-one basis to help them with everything from researching universities and writing college essays, to selecting a major that falls in line with their career goals. Students at EF Academy New York apply to universities around the world, especially schools in the US and UK.