Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) is a very affordable Christian therapeutic boarding school that offers an incredible solution for teenagers who are struggling with behavioral issues, mental health concerns, or academic failure. 

Caribean AcademyCMA is owned and operated by Crosswinds Counseling of Indiana.  CMA is committed to helping teens find hope, healing, and Christian discipleship. It is close by, but seemingly a world away from the destructive culture and woke teaching that is rife in American public schools today.

CMA was founded in 2012, located in a safe and serene area of the Dominican Republic. CMA offers affordable full-time care and behavioral solutions to teens ages 13 -17 who are struggling.  The academic program offers year-round enrollment for English-speaking students from America.

Caribbean Mountain AcademyCMA Encourages Personal Growth

CMA helps teens find their voice and self-worth, practice their freedom in a healthy manner, deepen their understanding of the Gospel, and gain a great appreciation for serving others.

CMA Promotes Emotional Healing

CMA helps each teen walk through their personal journey of growth, learning and unlearning, and healing. Each week, teens participate in individual and group therapy, as well as virtual family counseling sessions so you can be involved with your teen’s journey as well.

At CMA, Your Teen Will Be Transformed

Life after CMA will allow you to enter into a new and good chapter with your teen. At CMA, your teen will have gained resources to help them make healthier decisions, rediscover their gifts and self-worth, and feel motivated to restore any broken relationships – that includes their relationship with you, mom and dad.

Teens Deserve A Bright Future

At CMA, teens get away from the “me-culture” in America to experience tremendous personal growth, emotional healing, spiritual discipleship, and rebuild their ability to have meaningful personal relationships. CMA helps teens struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, ADHD, low grades in school, addictions, self-imposed isolation, feelings of inadequacy, Reactive Attachment Disorder (adopted teens), lack of engagement or low motivation, low self-esteem, and substance abuse.


CMA’s Beautiful & Secluded Campus in the Dominican Republic Has Many Benefits

  • CMA students are removed from today’s distractions and negative influences (phones, social media, negative peers, first-world luxuries, entitled culture, etc).
  • Students embark on nature adventures which build a great sense of accomplishment and confidence!
  • Students are exposed to a cultural setting that provides an entirely new perspective.
  • Students participate in showing empathy and kindness towards others.
  • Every hour or every day, there are endless breathtaking mountain and tropical views.

Campus Amenities & Facilities

  • Three student houses
  • Eight staff houses
  • Chapel
  • School building
  • Dining pavilion
  • Group and individual counseling offices
  • Parent/guest housing
  • Missions team housing
  • Administrative building
  • Laundry room
  • Store
  • Gym
  • Weight room
  • Basketball court
  • Game room
  • Soccer field

Caribbean Mountain Academy24/7 Supervision And Adult Presence With All Students

Students are under 24/7 staff supervision. A staff member is always present with them both on and off-campus, and there is night staff to provide supervision for students while they are asleep. Security cameras provide an extra layer of protection for the students. In addition, there is a local guard at the gate of the campus which helps CMA foster good relationships with the townspeople. This creates a sense of trust in the community and helps keep everyone safe.

We Teach Servanthood

The biggest differentiator of Caribbean Mountain Academy’s program is the service work within the local community. No other program has the access to the life-changing mission work as CMA does. We host 400+ mission participants each year. These missions’ teams serve alongside our students and partner with local pastors and community leaders to assist them in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people around us. For most American teens who are very wealthy compared to the rest of the world, these opportunities provide a worldview shift, allowing them to learn and appreciate the blessings they have, and also how to use those blessings to help others!

Some service opportunities at CMA include:

  • Teaching English at a local school
  • Helping out at a Vacation Bible School for kids
  • Assisting with a local baseball camp
  • Building Houses, Roads & Basketball Courts
  • Serving in the local community
  • Building projects on campus

Adventured-Based Activities

Caribbean Mountain AcademyIn addition to service projects, students have weekly activities that allow them to enjoy the island in a more relaxed or adventurous manner, such as:

  • Day Hikes
  • Local Waterfalls
  • Pico Duarte (Week-Long Hike)
  • Swimming at local pools & river
  • Horseback Riding
  • Beach Trips
  • Sports (Soccer,
  • Basketball, Ultimate
  • Frisbee, Running)
  • Movies and Outings to nearby cities
  • 27 Waterfalls
  • Game Room (carpet ball and ping pong)
  • Gym time
  • Local Tourist Attractions (Smoothie stand, experiencing local cuisine, & much more!)

Interaction With A Different Culture

At Caribbean Mountain Academy, our students interact with the local culture in several different ways: Off-campus, students participate in a variety of service projects. Students are accompanied on service projects by visiting mission teams. Students also engage in weekly, adventure-based activities, increasing their confidence and creating timeless memories.

Our Neighbors Teach Us Humility and Caring for Others

The culture in the United States is entirely “me-focused.” American teens are self-centered and entitled, but they are also very anxious and discontent.  In contrast, the culture of the community surrounding our CMA facility in the Dominican Republic is very relational, serving of others, and serene.  The society here isn’t focused on wealth or material things. Dominicans are happy with having very little. They may not have luxuries or gadgets, but they do have fulfilling close-knit communities and great relationships.  They care for each other.

In this amazing culture, CMA is a breath of fresh air for the student. They get to meet locals like Maria, who lives in a one-to-two-room cinder block house and is still joyful and serene about life. People like Maria help our students see the world through new eyes, which also gives our teens a fresh perspective on their own struggles. Students are even more distanced from the American culture because they are provided an opportunity to be away from social media. With the absence of social media distractions, students naturally gravitate toward building relationships with the people around them.  Imagine that!

Helping Teens Behaviorally

CMA works with teens experiencing:

  • low self-esteem
  • anger
  • self-harm
  • addiction
  • substance abuse
  • lack of engagement and motivations
  • self-imposed isolation

Here is how we help:

CMA provides a safe place for your teen to find their unique voice, learn how to responsibly exercise their freedom, and become autonomous adults. With the support of counseling, service projects, and mentoring, your teen will learn to solve conflicts, treat others with respect and generosity, and establish immediate and lifetime goals. We help create healthy habits and boundaries that have proved to be the beginning of each student’s transformation.

Improving Mental Health

CMA works with teens experiencing:

  • lack of self-esteem
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • anger
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • self-harm
  • addiction
  • suicidal thoughts
  • ADHD
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder (adopted children)

Here is how we help:

We provide the tools needed for you and your teen to reclaim control, rebuild relationships, and restore hope at home. Our qualified and professional on-site therapists work with each student to help them prog­ress through a natural change process for the specific struggles that were prevent­ing them from living in their homes successfully. Each student participates in weekly individual, group, and virtual family counseling sessions.

Excellence in Academics

CMA works with teens experiencing:

  • low grades
  • lack of engagement and motivations

Here is how we help:

Caribbean Mountain Academy offers year-round open enrollment. CMA students experience a distraction-free classroom, which fosters higher academic success.

After acceptance and upon arrival, CMA staff examine the student’s previous transcript and transfer over all completed semester credits. The education coordinator then creates a plan for gradua­tion.

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