List of Public Boarding Schools

There aren’t that many public boarding schools, less than 10% of schools are public. Of the ones that are, they are usually very competitive. A lot of schools are tuition-free or only require a small fee for boarding. As you scan the list, you’ll notice these state schools are setup to serve and promote a certain type of student or field: the blind and deaf, or the arts, math, science, and technology. Please, contact us, if you know of any boarding schools we missed.




  • Arkansas School for the Blind – Grades PK-12 The School for the Blind is located in Little Rock and was founded in 1859 by Reverend Haucke, a blind Baptist minister.
  • Arkansas School for the Deaf – Grades PK-12 Established in 1850, the Arkansas School for the Deaf is a publicly funded school located in Little Rock, Arkansas and is accredited by AvancED.


  • Illinois Math & Science Academy – Grades 10-12 The Illinois Math & Science Academy is a top public high school located in Aurora, Illinois, just 45 miles away from Chicago. The school is co-ed.


  • Minnesota State Academies – Grades PK-12 Minnesota State Academies make up of two different schools. One of the schools is for children that are blind.


North Carolina

  • NC School of Science and Math – Grades 11-12 Founded in 1980, the School of Science and Math, NC is located in Durham, NC. The school is a public high school that allows students to study a specialized curriculum.
  • North Carolina School of the Arts – Grades 9-12 The UNC School of the Arts was founded in 1963. Today this publicly-funded school has over 1,100 students enrolled in grades 9-12, PG.


  • School of Science and Math – Grades 11-12 Located very near the capitol building in the heart of Oklahoma City’s downtown, the OSSM is a very prestigious, publicly-funded, co-ed high school.


  • Chemawa Indian School – Grades 9-12 Chemawa Indian School proudly serves as the oldest boarding school still in operation in the United States. Located near Salem, Oregon.
  • Huntington School – Grades K-12 The Huntington School in Huntington, Oregon serves grades K-12, and features a dormitory for foreign exchange students.
  • Mitchell School – Grades K-12 Mitchell School in Oregon is a small school. This is a boarding school, and there is an average of 60 students who stay on campus at a time.
  • Oregon School for the Deaf – Grades K-12 Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD) is a coeducational public school for deaf students located in Salem, Oregon.
  • Paisley School – Grades K-12 The Paisley School is a small charter school in Paisley, Oregon that serves students from K to 12. The dorm was built in the 1900’s.
  • Spray School – Grades K-12 Spray School in Spray, Oregon is a school that houses grades K through 12. The current enrollment in Spray School is 44.

South Carolina

  • Governor’s School for Science & Math – Grades 11-12 Governors School for Science and Mathematics of South Carolina is the all new innovative high school for those academically seeking studies in science and tech.
  • Governor’s School for the Arts – Grades 11-12 Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities’ philosophy is to foster an apprenticeship style of instruction in the arts.


  • Tennessee School for the Deaf – Grades PK-12 Tennessee School for the Deaf is a boarding school located in Knoxville, TN. Established in 1844, it boasts of a low student to teacher ratio.


  • Academy of Math & Science – Grades 11-12 Texas Academy of Math and Science is a residential private early college program located in the suburban area of Denton, Texas.

Washington DC

  • The SEED School – Grades 6-12 The SEED School, Washington DC is one of the first public boarding schools in the nation. It is a tuition-free charter school that was opened in 1997.