Mercersburg Academy in St Mercersburg, Pennsylvania is an elite school of only around 430 students. This co-education center caters to both girls and boys alike. They cater to students in grades 9-12 and offer more than 160 different classes to choose from. This educational learning center has a large scale of diversity. More than 35 percent of all students come from other countries. The school opened in 1836 with an only forty students and four teachers. Today, there are more than 650 applications received each year for a coveted 150 spots. The selection process is quite extensive. The strict moral code at this school of no cheating, stealing, lying and being an upright citizen is hard for some to abide by. Tuition costs are around $48,000 for those who live on campus and around $36,000 for those who live off campus. There are many scholarships available and currently more than 49 percent of all students get financial assistance to be able to attend.