Wolf Creek Academy

Students: 45 | Faculty: N/A | Grades: 8-12 | Gender: Coed

Wolf Creek Academy

Address: 41 Beauty Spot Cove Rd, Mars Hill, NC 28754
Website: http://www.wolfcreekacademy.org/

Wolf Creek Academy is a co-ed therapeutic boarding school for teens with emotional problems that are affecting their decisions, education and behaviors.

It is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. It offers an accredited academic program, including college preparatory education.

WCA’s therapy is designed for teens with behavior difficulties, strained family relationships, or other emotional problems

Wolf Creek Academy provides a safe home environment for adolescents who have lost sight of a clear and positive future.

Wolf Creek Academy conducts daily physical activities such as: football, volleyball, kickball, soccer, basketball, softball, or hiking. A high school PE credit is given for this class and is mandatory. Weekly physical activities vary seasonally from white water rafting, trail hiking, and snow skiing/snowboarding. Weekly social activities vary from bowling, going to the movies, hiking, church, museums, and more.

Academic Curriculum

WCA’s mission is to provide a quality education to each student and help students master curriculum knowledge via the Accelerated Christian Education system. The education department supports the mission of WCA through classroom functions, diagnostic testing, prescribed curriculum, staff training, and, participation in the three (3) tiered system of evaluation, care, and treatment. Students are given opportunities to learn accountability and responsibility through specific classroom procedures.

Therapeutic Approach

On the first business day after the student’s admission, a counselor will meet with the student to assess his or her individual counseling needs. Substance abuse counseling, along with a twelve-step program is available for those struggling with these specific issues as well as meeting other addictive or destructive behaviors such as cutting, eating disorders, etc. Each child will receive weekly counseling with a licensed certified counselor on a regular basis or more frequently as determined necessary. Parents will be kept well-informed on the progress of their child through phone calls or emails from the child’s assigned counselor. Our counselors encourage parents to be available for phone conferences as well as participate in on-site family counseling as they visit with their child.

Each day begins with daily group sessions addressing issues of anger management and respect of authority, self-respect, substance abuse or other issues relative to today’s youth. These groups are conducted by the counselors. Small group counseling sessions provide a safe environment whereby students may interact, vent, and learn from one another, appropriate ways of managing their respective behavioral difficulties. Most are capable of relating with other teens and will easily become transparent, thus allowing their inner-self to be exposed and eventually promote healing in various areas of their lives. This non-threatening atmosphere will encourage emotional growth and will allow each student the opportunity to become understanding and accepting of their own identity.

Teen Issues We Deal With

Wolf Creek Academy specializes in helping teenagers who are experiencing behavioral difficulties, anger, depression, attachment disorders, or who are participating in self-harm or have diminishing academic performance due to trauma in their life. We also treat social issues, RAD, disrespect, minor drug abuse, ODD, ADD, and ADHD, while providing a safe haven for teens and a self-paced school to help them get caught up academically.


“I can’t thank the school enough for helping my grandson when he was at his lowest. Everything had been tried. He needed to get away from the town he was in and the friends who weren’t really friends. The beautiful setting in the mountains of Western North Carolina was perfect. From the minute we met Pat, we felt at ease and knew this was the clean break he needed, Here was someone who could truly objectively help him. I’m sure he will look back on this time as a turning point. Thank you all.”

— Donna M.

Learn more on their website: http://www.wolfcreekacademy.org

Or call this number: 877-477-9653

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Wolf Creek Academy