The Masters School in New York is a boarding co-ed school for students grades 5-12. At this school students develop a deeper understanding of the learning process and they learn to internalize and apply the educational process to their daily living.

They will be ready to meet the challenges of college and be able to see the value of developing new ideas and be prepared to instill their critical learning skills at college and in their future work.

At the Masters School students have an academic environment that provides many opportunities to create, be critical and independent during their learning process.

It is important to note that at the Masters School NY many developmental areas are promoted such as artistic development, ethical action, academic achievement and personal growth. The most effective way of learning is when ideas are exchanged and when there is open dialog with one’s peers and instructors.

To conclude, The Masters School NY is a school that not only has an excellent academic environment but a school that encourages their students to work side by side with their teachers so that their goals can be obtained for each class.