The Purnell School is an all-girls private boarding high school. Located in Pottersville, New Jersey, the school is accredited by the Middle States Association and the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools. Purnell prepared young women for college.

In addition to college-prep classes, students at Purnell participate in the Affinities Program, which is designed to help them discover their individual strengths. Furthermore, students participate in the Project Exploration Program. Project Exploration is a mini-term in which students choose one subject or theme to focus on for a 3-week period. The program includes trips abroad and in-depth courses on campus.

The Purnell School embraces artistic expression. Students are required to participate in art history, performing arts and studio arts courses. Purnell also offers competitive and non-competitive sports, including soccer, softball, dance, yoga, and horseback riding, among others.