Mt. Michael Benedictine is an all-boys high school for grades 9 through 12. Its religious affiliation is with the Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian church in the world. Located in Elkhorn, Nebraska, Mt. Michael Benedictine was founded in 1953 as a school.

Mt. Michael Benedictine was not established as an accredited educational facility until 1970. Though starting out as a general academic organization, it has since moved on to become one of the state’s most prestigious college-prep schools. The high school currently enrolls roughly 200 to 250 students, and the average class size is roughly 14 with a student to teacher ratio of 10 to 1.

The average SAT score currently stands at 2090, making it one of the better scoring private schools in the region, as well having an average American College Testing (ACT) score of 28, also scoring higher than the state-wide average for private schools in Nebraska.