Montana Boarding Schools

The following is a listing of boarding schools located in Montana.

There are 4 boarding schools located in Montana (see below).

★ New Horizon Boys Ranch Male   |   Grades: 4-9   |   Address: 6442 West Kootenai Rd, Rexford, MT 59930

New Horizons Boys Ranch is a year-round boys home and school designed to be a home for boys with attachment or behavioral disorders, ADD or ADHA. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Montana facing the Canadian Rockies, New Horizons Boys Ranch offers a Christian residential program for boys, ages 7 to 14. Academic Curriculum NHBR provides a year-round school via Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.). Lighthouse Christian Academy is the official distance-learning provider for A.C.E., which has been successfully educating students for over…

Chrysalis School Girls   |   Grades: 7-12   |   Address: 77 Trails End Rd., Eureka, MT 59917

Located in Eureka, Montana and founded in 1998 by Mary and Kenny Pannell. This all girls school is accredited by the National Independent Private Schools Association and is provisionally licensed and registered with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. As a Private Alternative Adolescent Residential Program, they are also Members of the National Ass. of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, and the Association for Experiential Education. Chrysalis is a Therapeutic Learning facility with a maximum of thirty six students. They…

Monarch School Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 26 Aspen Ln, Heron, MT 59844

Monarch School is a therapeutic, college prep, boarding school located in Heron, Montana. The founder of the school, Patrick McKenna states, “I created [it] to provide an opportunity for teenagers to find themselves and prepare them mentally and academically for their future.” The campus is situated on 120 acres with ponds for water activities, trails for walking and horseback riding, sports fields, and obstacle courses; so plenty of physical activity is offered, as well as superb academics. Other campus amenities…

Montana Academy Coed   |   Grades: 8-12   |   Address: 9705 Lost Prairie Road, Marion, MT 59925

Montana Academy, is located in Marion, Montana. It was founded in 1997. Montana Academy, is a therapeutic school that is open to the public and accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. Montana Academy, does not have any religious affiliations. Montana Academy, is designed for teenage High School Students. It is Co-ed. Montana Academy, understands that every person’s story is unique and they have different programs available to fit the individual needs of a person. Montana Academy is a treatment program…

MT Boarding Options for Students

There are four boarding schools in Montana, and all of them are therapeutic academies that also focus on college preparatory education. At all four schools there are options available for both traditional education, and alternative programs.

Montana is home to the Montana Academy, which adds a dual approach to clinical help that diagnosis and treats the issues surrounding the troubled teens that are accepted to the program, In addition to this, the academy also focuses on helping students reach maturity, both in their personal and scholastic lives. Montana Academy was one of the first of its kind, due to the treatment focus, the push for academic maturity, and the unique location.

As one of the first school of this type, the Montana Academy also assisted in the creation of regulatory programs, such as the National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs.

Therapeutic Schools & Programs

Chrysalis Therapeutic is another boarding school in Montana that focuses on academics, while also maintaining a therapeutic environment for troubled teenagers. This is an all girls school, accepting students that are between 13 to 18 years old. The school’s goal is to provide a nurturing environment that incorporates therapy, care, and education in a manner that allows students to learn how to deal with their pasts, and learn the skills to move past them so that they can create a better life for their future. The Chrysalis program is individualized, and typical lasts from 18 to 24 months, with the option of extension until the program is successfully completed.

The last boarding school in Montana is the Monarch School, which combines a therapeutic atmosphere with the promotion of academic excellence. This boarding school focuses on personal development, developing strong leadership skills, sound reasoning, and creating a positive self-image. The Monarch School takes a unique approach to ensuring students’ future success by incorporating vocational curriculum with job shadowing and volunteer work to provide students with academic credits.

All of the boarding schools in Montana are designed to help troubled students overcome their personal, academic, and behavioral issues, while also providing them with the education needed for them to successfully reach their future educational and personal goals. If you are trying to find a boarding school that will help your troubled child, these schools provide great educational opportunities, as well as the personal growth needed to overcome issues.

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