★ Wings of Faith Academy

Students: 30 | Faculty: N/A | Grades: 3-12 | Gender: Female

★ Wings of Faith Academy

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Website: http://www.wingsoffaithacademy.com/

Wings of Faith is an affordable conservative Christian boarding school designed for pre-teen and teenage girls who are struggling with bad behavior, rebellion, or academic issues. It enrolls girls ages 8-17, year-round. The school provides behavioral correction with an emphasis on Christian values, housed in a comfortable residential ranch setting. They focus on educational excellence, spiritual growth, and a healthy lifestyle with an abundance of outdoor recreation. They provide an environment that helps troubled girls see their issues and decide to make positive changes in their lives. Their methods have been turning teen girls around for over 20 years.

Academic Curriculum

Wings of Faith Academy offers a fully accredited high school diploma through its dual-enrollment program with Lighthouse Christian Academy. Lighthouse Christian Academy, the distance-education provider of Accelerated Christian Education® (A.C.E.), provides the opportunity for WOF students to receive an accredited transcript and diploma.

Therapeutic Approach

When a student comes to WOF it is typical for there to be blame-shifting, avoidance of responsibility, and sometimes complete denial of wrong doing. Soon after enrollment the student begins to experience some regret for the consequences of her prior behavior. Regret does not change individuals, repentance does. Many times, teens have been spared the heartache of the full-blown consequences for their negative decisions. WOF considers itself an early intervention program, intervening in adolescents’ lives before they become an adult trapped in a dysfunctional lifestyle.

Students are encouraged to be responsible for their own actions and to hold others accountable for their actions. Students influence other students positively as opposed to the negative peer pressure that so many of our students face before coming to WOF.


“I call Wings of Faith Academy a miracle school because God answered our prayers for our daughter through the school. Our daughter was very behind in school and the Wings of Faith Academy helped fill in her learning gaps and get her to the right grade level and even prepare her for college. Also, before we enrolled her in Wings of Faith Academy she had stopped listening to us and was going on a troublesome path but the staff at Wings of Faith have helped to restore our family relationships and even our daughter’s relationship with God. They provided the discipline and structure, preaching and teaching, love and grace through Christ that was needed in our daughter’s life. I highly recommend this school.” – Colleen B.

Learn more on their website: http://www.wingsoffaithacademy.com

Or call this number: (417) 276-7185

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★ Wings of Faith Academy