★ Master’s Ranch

Students: 35 | Faculty: N/A | Grades: 7-12 | Gender: Male

★ Master’s Ranch

Address: RR 73 Box 1832, Couch, MO 65690
Website: http://mastersranch.org

Master’s Ranch is a non-profit Christian boarding school and boys home designed to help at-risk and struggling boys between the ages of 12 and 17.

The ranch campus in Southern Missouri offers a small family environment in an agricultural setting with a balance of discipline and training in an unmistakable atmosphere of mentoring, love and acceptance.

Through education, hard work, vocational training, working with animals, recreation, family interaction and counseling, each boy is given the tools needed to regain the confidence, self-respect and spiritual footing necessary to embrace his family and his future.

The boarding school provides professional clinical-type counseling from licensed therapists as well as pastoral, group and individual counseling. The program offers milieu counseling, often utilizing the setting of the outdoors and activities to help teens feel comfortable so they will open up and share more readily.

Academic Curriculum

Master Ranch provides excellent educational opportunities for its students on site with a nationally accredited curriculum through Western Christian Academy. It also has traditional instruction from certified teachers. GED classes as well as ACT and SAT prep are offered. The academic program is also heavily vocational in nature, and offers a vocational diploma for those who choose it. Western Christian Academy uses distinctive, individualized, multi-media software from grades 3-12 that specifically addresses their learning style.

Therapeutic Approach

Most good counseling is just good listening. Masters ranch staff want to hear from the boys. What do they think? How do they feel?   Master’s Ranch also has a fully operational ranch. We have seen the value of connecting kids to animals — some call it “animal therapy.” Teens learn responsibility as they care for an animal that needs them. Animals also help connect the boy emotionally, reflect the boy’s moods and temperaments, and erase any streaks of cruelty that may have developed. Boys at the ranch gain these benefits through therapy with horses, cows, pigs, chickens and dogs. All of the boys also have regular ranch chores, such as milking cows, just as they have regular chores in the dorm and the kitchen. Boys also have the privilege of signing up for extra learning experiences on the farm.

Teen Issues We Deal With

Teens at this program often exhibit difficulty following rules of the home, displaying appropriate respect for rules and authority figures, truancy from school, verbal abuse, apathy, depression, violence, manipulation, deceit, and sexual promiscuity. Such behaviors are often accompanied by association with negative peer groups, may or may not be in addition to drug/alcohol experimentation. At Master’s Ranch, the boys are removed from such potential harmful influences.


“We have seen the results of MRCA in our son; nothing short of a miracle. We are excited about our son’s future and forever grateful for making the tough decision to send our troubled son but in return have received a well adjusted, aspiring young man. Thank you.” –Jeff and Brenda

Learn more on their website: http://mastersranch.org

Or call this number: 417-597-2532

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★ Master’s Ranch