★ Agape Boarding School

Students: 120 | Faculty: N/A | Grades: 7-12 | Gender: Male

★ Agape Boarding School

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Website: http://agapeboardingschool.org

Agape Boarding School, located in Stockton, Missouri, is a therapeutic boarding school for up to 120 boys ages 12-17. The school works with boys who are defiant, rebellious or struggling academically.

Agape Boarding School helps re-introduce troubled teenage boys to proper behavior, responsibility, and goals in life.

Agape gives teens the opportunity to turn their life around by offering a fresh start, a quality education with fully accredited academics and college preparatory studies, as well as team and individual sports and vocational training.

The expansive Agape ranch campus features multiple indoor and outdoor sports facilities and several basketball courts, a huge game room, pool and lake, horses and stables, a vast array of exotic and farm animals, a rodeo facility, boxing facility, and so much more. The Agape approach is very disciplined and structured, but loving and caring. They believe that a truly changed heart comes from a personal relationship with God; so Christian faith is taught, but not forced.

Academic Curriculum

Agapé is a fully accredited school with the State of Missouri. At Agapé, improving academics is of equal importance to improving behavior. The Agapé Academic Center is divided into three sections by age. Each section has a supervisor who oversees each the student’s academic progress. All assignments for the week must be completed in order for the boy to be released to activity time on the weekends. If a student is needing help in one of their subjects, our teaching staff provide one-on-one help. Agapé offers advanced courses and college prep studies.

Therapeutic Approach

Agapé works from the inside-out. Other therapeutic schools work from the outside-in, focusing on external causes and psychology. We work at the heart first. We believe that spiritual growth opens the doors of positive emotional growth. We support this belief through mentoring and daily spiritual encouragement. Our emphasis is to turn boys into young men that truly love and respect others.

We teach the boys throughout their stay that poor choices affect oneself and others. When we encounter issues with negative behavior, we typically rescind privileges for a time. Agapé is more privilege based than consequence based. Loss of privileges is a big deal here. Boys are promoted through a level system during their stay at Agapé Boarding School, earning privileges and gaining responsibilities as they progress.

Teen Issues Agapé Deals With

Agapé helps boys, age 12-17, who are out of control, angry, defiant, failing in school, hanging around the wrong crowd, or experimenting with life-threatening activities or substances. It is designed specifically to work with adolescent boys who are defiant or have gotten off track in life, or diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. They help boys who have anger or attachment issues and behavioral problems due to family split-up, death in the family, or some other childhood trauma. Most boys in the program are enrolled because they are rebelling against their parents or other authority, have been expelled from public school, or are being influenced to exhibit self-destructive behavior by negative peers, or are involved in minor drug or alcohol abuse or trouble with the law.


“Agapé has been a great decision for our son. At home he was angry, suicidal, doing drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd. At Agapé he has gotten finished high school, matured, and faced problems that we couldn’t get him to face. Agapé saved his life.”

–Marla (parent)

Learn more on their website: http://www.agapeboardingschool.org

Or call this number: (417) 324-7699

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★ Agape Boarding School