Lakeside Academy

Students: 40 | Faculty: N/A | Grades: 9-12 | Gender: Male

Lakeside Academy

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Lakeside Boys Academy is a lower cost, but highly effective therapeutic boarding school for boys age 14-18. We help teens recover from life-controlling issues, addictions and self-destructive behavior. First-class detox and recovery services and addiction counseling are offered as an optional service for boys as needed. Our 47-acre campus houses 40 boys from all across America.

Today, behavioral issues in teenagers most often coincide with some level of substance abuse, which can be hidden from the parent. It can have a profound affect on your boy’s attitudes, and it may be the main reason he is acting up.

Fact is, it can take months away from drugs (even alcohol or marijuana) for your boy to begin having better attitudes and making better judgments. With some substances, addictions can arise from even one use and they must be dealt with before they become a life-long problem.

Lakeside offers the best opportunity for recovery from either or both behavioral issues and addictions at the same time, allowing boys to truly get their lives turned around and on the right track again.

Academic Curriculum

Lakeside Academy values education and sees academic success as a key to long-term life success. We take a very disciplined and structured approach to learning and has been very successful in helping students get back on track with their education. Lakeside Academy works closely with Excel High School Online. Excel High School’s main campus is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serves over 3,000 students annually with accredited distance education services. Excel High School operates like a traditional bricks and mortar high school, but rather than students traveling to school each day, courses are delivered online through our learning management system. Upon completion of programming at Lakeside Academy, students are able to access their online courses anytime 24 x 7 and 365 days a year. EHS courses are flexible, yet challenging, and are a great fit for students who are unable to attend a traditional public or private high school.

Therapeutic Approach

All aspects of the Lakeside program utilize a broad-based therapeutic approach that moves beyond only treating symptoms to dealing with the root causes of chemical dependency and behavioral issues, so that change can be long lasting and will prepare them to return and contribute positively to their school, home, and community. The faith-based, friendly environment will encourage teens to choose to enter into their own relationship with God.

Student counseling and education generally involve the integration of principles from various psychological disciplines and with varying philosophical underpinnings.  Each client is specially assigned to the caseload of a Lakeside on-site Counselor. Along with individual and group counseling, this Counselor is also responsible to ensure a smooth delivery of all services to the student and family. The counselor is the point of contact for the family, available to answer questions and give updates on the student’s progress.  Group counseling occurs on a regular basis.  This time is utilized to allow students an opportunity to grapple with and resolve commonly faced issues.  Students learn to constructively express their thoughts, ideas, and questions in an environment where each member is accepted and respected.

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Lakeside Academy