List of Military Boarding Schools

Parents and students looking for a disciplined environment for learning in a military-style will find this list handy. Military schools have rich traditions and a successful graduate will have many doors opened. And rightfully so, completing a military-style education is a great achievement early in life. Note: Military boarding schools are not boot camps, they are prestigious institutions of learning that push for academic excellence. See Military School USA for more comprehensive military school information and listings.

Chridtian military school


  • Southern Preparatory Academy – Grades 6-12 Established in 1898, Southern Prep is located on a 300-acre plot in Camp Hill, Alabama. This is an all-boy private military academy.


  • Riverside Military Academy – Grades 7-12 Riverside Military Academy was founded in 1907. It is private boarding school located in Gainesville, GA.


  • Culver Academies – Grades 9-12 Culver, Indiana is the home of Culver Academies. Founded in 1894 by Henry Harrison Culver.


  • St. John’s Military School – Grades 6-12 St. John’s Military School is located in Salina, KS. It is a boys military school founded 125 years ago.


  • Chamberlain-Hunt Academy – Grades 7-12 Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is a private, Christian, all male military day and boarding school located in Port Gibson, Mississippi.


  • Missouri Military Academy – Grades 6-12 Established in 1889, Missouri Military Academy is a highly accredited military school for boys ages 12 – 18, or from Middle School to High School.
  • Wentworth Military Academy – Grades 7-12 Founded in 1880, Wentworth Military Academy is the oldest military academy West of the Mississippi river. Located in Lexington, Missouri.

New York

  • New York Military Academy – Grades 7-12 New York Military Academy is a co-ed college preparatory military school located in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY.

North Carolina

  • Oak Ridge Military Academy – Grades 6-12 Oak Ridge Military Academy is a college preparatory school serving young men and women grades 7-12.


  • Carson Long Military Institute – Grades 6-12 Carson Long Military Institute, is the oldest school in the nation which still provides military training and experience within an academic setting.
  • Valley Forge Military Academy – Grades 7-12 Valley Forge Military Academy is a private boarding school and co-ed preparatory college steeped in military tradition. Located in Wayne, PA.

South Carolina

  • Camden Military Academy – Grades 7-12, PG Camden Military Academy is a small, male only boarding school located in the rural city of Camden, SC. The school is the official state military academy.


  • Marine Military Academy – Grades 8-12, PG Marine Military Academy is a private college preparatory boarding school for boys in grades 8-12. Located in Harlingen, TX.
  • The Episcopal School of Texas – Grades 9-12 The Episcopal School of Texas (TMI), founded in 1893, is a co-educational college preparatory military school located in San Antonio, Texas.


  • Fishburne Military School – Grades 7-12, PG Fishburne Military School located in Waynesboro, Virginia is one of the top military schools for boys in the nation.
  • Fork Union Military Academy – Grades 6-12 Fork Union Military Academy is a private college prep military boarding school for boys in grades 6-12. It is a Christian school.
  • Hargrave Military Academy – Grades 7-12 Hargrave Military Academy located in Chatham, Virginia is one of the premier military schools in the country.
  • Massanutten Military Academy – Grades 7-12 Massanutten Military Academy is a coed military school in Woodstock, Virginia. It was established in 1899.
  • Randolph-Macon Academy – Grades 6-12, PG Randolph-Macon Academy is a co-ed day and boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia. With a curriculum designed for students in grades 6-12.