Michigan boarding schools including traditional boarding schools and therapeutic boarding schools - list and directory of Michigan boarding schools. – traditional schools and therapeutic schools.

Michigan Boarding Schools

The following is a listing of boarding schools located in Michigan.

There are 4 boarding schools located in Michigan (see below).

Cranbrook Kingswood School Coed   |   Grades: PK-12   |   Address: 39221 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Township, MI 48304

The Cranbrook Kingswood School in Michigan is a co-ed school that has three different grade levels. This schools prepares students for college. The school has been open since 1922. It has been deemed one of the top preparatory schools in the country. Cranbrook is divided into lower, middle and upper schools. The lower school is elementary age children, and the middle school consists of students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Upper school children are in high school. The school…

Interlochen Arts Academy Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 4000 M-137, Interlochen, MI 49643

Interlochen Arts Academy is one of the most prestigious boarding fine arts high schools in the country. It is located on a beautifully wooded 1200 acres in northwest Michigan. The student capacity for the school is 470 students. The academy attracts talented student artists. Fine arts disciplines include music, theatre, comparative arts, dance, visual arts, creative writing and motion picture arts. The rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum completes the overall student experience, ensuring success in other careers besides the arts. The 86…

The Leelanau School Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 1 Old Homestead Rd, Glen Arbor, MI 49636

The Leelanau School is a coeducational, nonsectarian boarding school in Glen Arbor, Mich. that serves intelligent high school students with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning challenges. The school is located on 42 acres on Lake Michigan. The Leelanau School was founded as a boys camp in 1923 by Cora and Skipper Beals as a boys camp. The Leelanau School has an enrollment of 64 students, with an average class size of six. Academic courses and life skills instruction are…

Explore Your Educational Opportunities

There are four boarding schools in Michigan, but each provides significant benefits for students of all ages and backgrounds. These boarding schools are designed to be cost effective solutions and alternatives for both traditional students, and those who require a different learning style to achieve their goals.

Each of the boarding schools in Michigan are coed, with the exception of one, which switches to girls only and boys only programs in the Middle grades. These schools have an average class size of 15 students, allowing for a 5:1 student teacher ratio. These schools have an acceptance rate of 42% to 65%, and average SAT scores 1939 where applicable.

Special Considerations

Each of the boarding schools in Michigan are designed to provide different educational experiences. There are options for studying the arts, programs that are designed to teach children in different, more engaging ways, and schools designed specifically for students with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, and other issues that require a different approach to learning. No matter which kind of learning environment you are interested in for your child, you will be able to find a great learning solution in Michigan.

When you are searching for the perfect boarding school in Michigan, it is important that you carefully consider your child’s individual needs. While boarding schools provide the necessary curriculum to prepare your child for higher education, the methods used in the education process are important as well. You should carefully consider all options before making your decision to make sure that you choose the boarding school that will be the best learning environment.

It is also important to understand that each boarding school in Michigan has its own requirements for admittance. The earlier you take the time to carefully consider the requirements, the better prepared you will be to help your child get into the school of your choice.

If you are looking for a boarding school in Michigan, there are excellent options available. Whether you are looking for a school that focuses on the Arts, or your child needs a school that provides education in a way that works best with their learning style, one of the boarding schools in Michigan is sure to be the answer for your educational needs.

Should you need help finding teenage boarding schools, ranches for troubled teens, Christian boarding schools, or therapeutic boarding schools please let us know. The boarding school directory includes all all of the best boarding schools in America.

Michigan Boarding Schools | Top Boarding Schools in Michigan

Michigan boarding schools including traditional boarding schools and therapeutic boarding schools - list and directory of Michigan boarding schools.