The Winchendon School located in Mass is a co-ed multicultural boarding school that provides future college students with good character and the skills that they will need to achieve their academic success. The school was founded by Lloyd Harvey Hatch in 1926.

Hatch had a vision to create a school with small classes and individualized teaching plans. He wanted to guarantee that the students of Winchendon could acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that they needed at a rapid pace. The people who work for Winchendon School are dedicated to providing students with individualized support, ongoing feedback, clear expectations and consistent interaction with teachers.

The curriculum focuses on building skills and strategies that will help students achieve their career goals in the future. The school features a highly competitive athletic team, an 18-hole golf course on campus, and brand new facilities for art classes. The campus is located in a beautiful setting that is close to Boston and includes all the great amenities that one would expect from an upscale boarding school.