Stetson School in Barre, Massachusetts, was designed and developed to treat boys from ages 9-22 with high-risks behaviors. It also specializes in providing education to those boys that have complex developmental difficulties, chronic mental illness or autism.

With a flexible, family-driven program, Stetson school specializes in stabilization, assessment and safety. It is a nationally accredited, Chapter 766-approved Residential Treatment Program. This 24-hour, 7 day a week accepts students based on referrals on a rolling basis. The goal Stetson School is to support family stability, successful reunification and to strengthen and improve family functioning.

Attachment oriented, trauma informed and developmentally sensitive treatment are all used to help the students form healthy and secure relationships, overcome traumatic experiences and improve behavioral self-regulation.

The campus is set on about 200 rural acres. The main campus is seven buildings where treatment, education and housing are administered.