Deerfield Academy is a prestigious school located in Deerfield, Massachusetts. This academy began in 1797 with a concentration on driving men toward leadership in the New England states. Their reputation quickly became notated throughout the area.

This small four-year college-preparatory school has fewer than 1,000 students and most live on campus with staff. It is hard to get into this school because of its limited availability. Though a student is not required to live on the campus, it is encouraged. Out of the applications received each year, it is said that roughly only 13% are approved. Though it is not religiously affiliated, they cater to teaching boys with traditions and moral values.

The annual cost for a student that lives on campus is around $45,000. A day student can expect to pay fees around $33,000. Deerfield is a member of the G20 Schools group and the ESA or Eight Schools Association, though they are not formally accredited.