Brooks School is a college preparatory school located in North Andover, Massachusetts and was founded in 1926 by Rev Edicott Peabody, the headmaster of Gorton. Brooks School seeks to provide meaningful educational experiences for their students that they can remember. They promote intellectual growth, and curiosity. This boarding school develops creative and analytic capacities,; to read, to think, speak and write with precision and cogency. Brooks offers a religious formation that allows students to seek a deeper faith. They are able to form groups, participate in newly formed religious life council and visit the on campus chapel. Brooks offers academics for highschool age kids, as well as kids in exchange programs. Brooks is known as a prestigious school that only admits about 1400 boys and girls per year out of 2500 inquires. For students interested in athletics, Brooks offers boys and girls cross country, field hockey, boys and girls Soccer and football.