Maine Boarding Schools

The following is a listing of boarding schools located in Maine.

There are 8 boarding schools located in Maine (see below).

Bridgton Academy Boys   |   Grades: 12-PG   |   Address: 11 Academy Ln, North Bridgton, ME 04057

Bridgton Academy is an all-male college preparatory school in North Bridgton, Maine. The 55-acre campus offers a transitional year for students who completed high school to help them succeed in college. The school was established in 1808. Tuition is $47,000 a year and has an average class size of 10 students. The age range is 16-20 and has around 200 students. The curriculum has classes in English, Science, History/Social Studies, and Math. Some of them include sport psychology, statistics, and…

Carrabassett Valley Academy Coed   |   Grades: 8-12, PG   |   Address: 3197 Carrabassett Dr, Carrabassett Vly, ME 04947

Founded in 1982, Carrabassett Valley Academy is a middle and high school that offers a balance between academics and athletics with a strong focus on skiing and snowboarding. The school sits on a 25 acre campus in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Eleven former students have gone on to compete in the Olympics, and seven of them have become medalists. The majority of students are in the boarding program but a day school is also offered for anyone living in the area.…

Foxcroft Academy Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 975 W Main St, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

Foxcroft Academy, located in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, was founded in 1823. It is a coed secondary school that offers both boarding and day programs. The school offers 11 accredited Advanced Placement courses, as well as several Performing Arts and Technical courses. Foxcroft Academy offers over 150 courses, including traditional high school courses and honors courses. They also have an extensive Fine and Performing Arts program, offering courses in digital photography, woodworking, musical theater, and many more. The school also implemented an…

Fryeburg Academy Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 745 Main St, Fryeburg, ME 04037

Fryeburg Academy, located in Fryeburg, Maine, was founded in 1792. It is a coeducational secondary school that offers three levels of learning: a honors / competitive college curriculum, a four-year college curriculum, and a vocational / technical curriculum. The school offers Honors courses in everything from Algebra to World Geography, and Advanced Placement courses ranging from Biology to U.S. History. It has an extensive Fine Arts program, offering several courses including photography, sculpting, and musical theater. The technological advances offered…

Gould Academy Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 39 Church St, Bethel, ME 04217

Established in 1836, Gould Academy is an independent, coed, college preparatory school located in the rural town of Bethel, Maine. With an average class size of 10-12 students, they offer a challenging curriculum, that accepts every student has a unique learning style. In addition to this, Gould Academy offers a wide array of competitive and non-competitive athletic programs, including Cross Country Running, Equestrian, Mountain Biking, Dance, and of course, Skiing. With the Sunday River Ski Resort just six miles away,…

Hebron Academy Coed   |   Grades: 6-12, PG   |   Address: 339 Paris Rd, Hebron, ME 04238

The Hebron Academy is located on the eastern edge of the White Mountains in Hebron, Maine. It was founded back in 1804. It is a co-ed college preparatory school. The boarding school is 9-12th grade. The day school is 6-12th grade. The campus size is around 1500 acres. The average enrollment of students is about 256 students per year. The boarding students tuition cost is $49,900 per year which also includes meals and their room. The day students tuition cost…

Maine Central Institute Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 295 Main St, Pittsfield, ME 04967

Maine Central Institute was founded in 1866 in Pittsfield, Maine. With 450 students, its student body is diverse and multicultural. The school has rigorous and comprehensive educational programs that challenge and empower students in grades 9-12. Students will not only acquire the education and skills needed for successful careers, but they will also learn how to become a global citizen. Maine Central Institute prides itself on the small class sizes and the individual attention given to each student. With the…

Maine School of Science & Math Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 95 High St, Limestone, ME 04750

The Maine School of Science & Mathematics is a picturesque magnet school located in Limestone, Maine. It provides students a challenging curriculum in science, mathematics, technology, and the arts and humanities. It was placed #13 on U.S.News & World Report’s “America’s Best High Schools”. Enthusiasm, desire and motivation are prevalent among the students at MSSM. Those at MSSM learn science from professional practicing scientists, master Chinese or Spanish, investigate math courses not taught at most Maine high schools, and become…

Come to Maine for School...

Maine plays host to many awe inspiring things: a beautiful coastline, thousands of acres of virgin forest, and a plethora of boarding schools.

These schools can do everything for young minds from teach them the importance of team work in a military setting to reinforcing their faith in a higher power in order to become a proper adult.

Whatever choice is made for the wellbeing of a child, Maine has every imaginable option of boarding school to help guide those impressionable minds.

Bridgton Academy

Bridgton Academy, located in North Bridgton, Maine, is an all-male boarding school dedicated to providing young men with a future steeped in education, responsibility, and tradition. It is unique in that it offers a one year, post-graduate program to prepare young men for the rigors of college. The core curriculum is comprised of extensive English, science, math, and history and social science with a strong athletics department. With over 206 years of effective teaching experience, Bridgton Academy is one of top Boarding Schools in Maine.

Foxcroft Academy

In Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, lies Foxcroft Academy, was founded in 1823 and is a school ripe with heritage and tradition, yet dedicated to modern and evolving teaching methods. They employ a ground breaking ‘1-to-1 iPad’ program designed to keep students on the cutting edge of technology based learning. With an extensive collection classes and stunning athletic features, Foxcroft has everything one could want within a boarding school.

Hyde Academy

Hyde Academy is a standout boarding school located in Bath, Maine. Their goal is to strengthen and prepare young adults for successful college years by improving a sense of identity and wellbeing. The curriculum is based on a core programs such as English, science, and math, but also involves mandatory athletics to strengthen both mind and body. Through this method, students develop a strong sense of direction in addition to responsibility and empathy. Also stressed is the importance of teach-student trust and relationships. Using this method, Hyde Academy provides excellent college preparatory programs for students wishing to excel into college.

Kents Hill School

Kents Hill School is a diverse learning environment for young adults who wish to become lifelong learners and form unbreakable friendships. Nestled in Kents Hill, Maine, this school prides itself on trustworthy, challenging, and highly rewarding curriculum. They also drive to teach students the importance of going outside of their comfort zone and trying new things such as a new athletic program or intellectual program. With acres of serene forest surrounding the campus, this boarding school offers countless opportunities for students to grow.

Should you need help finding therapeutic schools for girls, or free programs for troubled youth or boarding schools for troubled boys, let us know. This list of boarding schools in American (USA) includes therapeutic boarding schools and alternative schools. The boarding school directory includes all all of the best boarding schools in America. Boarding school learning extends beyond the classroom. Because staff and students live together. Boarding School students also participate in more extracurricular activities than students in state schools, whether playing sports, engaging in creative endeavors like music or painting, or participating in student government and school club activities. Boarding School environments can range in character from arts-focused to militarily-oriented, but almost always feature a student body composed of young people from a diversity of backgrounds.