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Kentucky Boarding Schools

There are 2 boarding schools located in Kentucky (see below).

Oakdale Christian Academy Coed   |   Grades: 7-12   |   Address: 5801 Beattyville Road, Jackson, KY 41339

Oakdale Christian Academy is a Christian boarding school located in Jackson, Kentucky. Founded in 1921, Oakdale Christian is a private school fully accredited with SACS and ACSI . It is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, but serves students regardless of church. It offers students in grades 7-12 study in the Christian context of creation, humanness, knowledge and reality. With about 50 students on its 12 acre campus, the school features a small, nurturing environment. Although academics take precedence, the…

Oneida Baptist Institute Coed   |   Grades: 6-12   |   Address: 11 Mulberry Street, Oneida, KY 40972

Oneida Baptist Institute is a private school located in Oneida, Kentucky. The school opened on January in 1900. It serviced the surrounding areas, regardless of religious affiliation. Today, students come from around the nation with different religious backgrounds. The school teaches grades 6th-12th and is a full boarding school, no day students are enrolled. Oneida Baptist Institute reaches out to students who are in need. They could be struggling with grades in a public school or their home family life…

Don't Overlook KY's Residential Education

Amid the famous natural landmarks and historic cities in Kentucky, there is a healthy boarding school system.

The three most prominent schools are all Christian faith based and offer a wide range of academics in addition to faith based studies for their growing student body.

Oakdale Christian Academy, Oneida Baptist Institute, and Red Bird Christian School strive to deliver quality education.

Every school delivers untold quality to a diverse student body, and even welcomes those of differing faiths in their halls and classrooms.

Oakdale Christian Academy

Located in Jackson, Kentucky, Oakdale Christian Academy has been providing a strong faith based education for students since 1921. Though much has changed in our world over the last century, their devotion to furthering young minds has never strayed.

With a Christian Philosophy of Education, the academics available to students not only reinforce important Christian fundamentals, and focus on their personal faith, but also prepare students for acclimation to a contemporary workplace through helpful skills and habits while bolstering their faith.

Oneida Baptist Institute

Oneida Baptist Institute is a Christian boarding school located in Oneida, Kentucky, and accepts students from all walks of life, Christian or Non-Christian. Their mission is to provide students from grades 6 to 12 a structured and nurturing educational environment to prepare students to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Oneida Baptist Institute uses a four pointed academic model to achieve their success: Core Academics, Work, Co-Curriculars such as athletics, clubs and organizations, and Worship.

Oneida Baptist Institute carries private school accreditation through the National Non-Public School Commission. Their academics for middle school classes include language arts, literature, history, science and health, math, bible studies, and physical education. High school curriculum includes art appreciation choir, musical appreciation, drama, and computer literacy. The on-campus athletics include Volley ball, softball, basketball, swimming, cross country running, tennis, baseball, soccer, and swimming.

Red Bird Christian School

Located in Beverly, Kentucky, Red Bird Christian School offers faith based boarding and classes centered around the teachings of the Christian Doctrines. For over 85 years, Red Bird Christian School has been teaching young minds to prepare for a productive life while strengthening their Christian faith. Through high moral standards and academic perseverance, Red Bird Christian School surpasses expectations while adhering to the regulations required by the State and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. In addition to basic and core classes, various electives are offered, all with the aim to give students the ability to excel.

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