boarding schoolsA Faith-Based Therapeutic Boarding School Where Struggling Girls Get Back on Track

Kansas City Girls Academy is one of the nation’s leading girls’ therapeutic boarding schools featuring Trust Based Relational Intervention – TBRI. We care for girls, ages 12-17, with behavioral issues or self-destructive emotions resulting from adoption, trauma, abuse, or family discord. Kansas City Girls Academy helps young women improve their behavior, feelings, and outlook while enhancing their education based on the time-tested Teen Challenge approach, which has helped teens and families for over a half-century. Kansas City Academy will make a life-changing impact on your daughter for a lifetime.

Kansas City Girls Academy offers a safe, therapeutic environment that emphasizes personal and group counseling and therapy to encourage and develop the whole person emotionally, spiritually, socially, academically and physically.

It is designed to help traumatized girls identify problem behaviors and build inner strength to overcome life challenges. Effective communication skills are developed and positive coping strategies learned. Kansas City Girls Academy uses a multi-therapeutic model.  Discipleship curriculum and ongoing pastoral counseling relative to the curriculum content are utilized to assist the students in discovering their incorrect assumptions and replacing them with new concepts of understanding.

The program is intentionally designed to allow the girls to progress through a level system to help prepare them for a healthy reintroduction into their family.  This system includes such practices as positive peer pressure, reward and discipline consequences for actions, increased responsibilities as their progress warrants, and ongoing daily staff interaction.

Specific treatment models include:boarding schools

Group Therapy – This consists of multiple small group sessions weekly, led by counselors and staff. These groups include substance abuse, problem-solving, positive peer culture, emotional management, safe dates, and specialty groups designed for specific treatment needs. All group processes foster emotional growth in a safe and confidential setting.

Individual Therapy – is provided to each student with a minimum of one session every other week. Sessions help students gain insights into their individual behaviors and establishes a trusting relationship with their counselor. In this setting, students process issues too sensitive for them to share with a group.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy – is specifically designed to address the intra-personal and family issues that fuel adolescent addiction. Recovery is facilitated through a biblically-based approach to freedom from all types of life-controlling issues.

Family Therapy – is provided via weekly teleconference. Parents contribute to treatment as an integral part of the program. Kansas City Girls Academy encourages families to visit during planned family weekends. Family and students meet with their primary counselor for therapy. Parents and children also participate in parent support groups,  parent-teacher conferences, workshops, and graduation ceremonies.

Equine (Horse) Therapy – In partnership with Returning Glory, the school offers each girl horse therapy. During activities with horses, youth will learn alternative ways of responding to difficult situations rather than reacting. They begin to find hope for their challenging life issues as they ‘experience’ relational changes with their horse and begin to explore their God-created uniqueness and destiny.  

Student Activities at Kansas City Girls Academy:

  •  Physical Education

    5 days a week your child will participate in Physical Education. This will include going The Roc Fitness & Recreation 2 days a week, water aerobics (in season), aerobics classes, jogging, and various recreational sports (volleyball, softball, basketball, and soccer).

  • Outdoor Adventure Leadership Training
    This is a 5-10 day wilderness adventure trip where your child is placed into leadership roles within the group, exercising biblical leadership principles and team-building skills to navigate through a vast expanse of wild terrain. This will help develop them as leaders using outdoor adventure.
  • Church Services
    On a weekly basis, your child will go to church with the other girls in the program and Staff. We go to church at Evangel Church in Kansas City, Mo. It is located about 10 minutes from the Kansas City Girls Academy center.
  • Chapel Services
    3 days a week they will participate in Chapel Services. During these chapel services, your child will be engaged in worship and hearing a message from a member of the staff or a special guest speaker.
  • Fine Arts
    Your child will participate in Fine Arts activities such as choir, drama, and art classes.
    boarding schools
  • In-door Activities
    Our center has an extensive library that your child will be able to choose from for reading, board games, Nintendo Wii, foosball, ping pong, watch approved movies, work on level advancement material, and work on school work.
  • Off-site Trips
    These trips vary from year to year. Here are some of the trips that we have taken in the recent past. Trips to the Kansas City Zoo, Design for Life Conference in Springfield, MO, Fine Arts Festival in Wichita, KS, the Kansas City Museum, Statewide Youth Convention in Wichita, KS, Kansas City Royals games, and travel to area churches for ministry opportunities.
  • Seasonal Swimming
    We have a swimming pool located on our property that during the summer your child will have weekly time to swim.