Scattergood Friends School is a world class finishing school encompassing grades 9-12.

It is located in the heart of Cedar County, Iowa and provides an upstanding precollege education with special attention paid to practical trades and sciences.

The Scattergood Friends School houses students in over 60 dormitory units and maintains a narrow faculty-to-student ratio.

The core studies and obligations of this school are rooted in American Quaker values, but are designed to prepare students for worldwide service and academic contribution.

Upperclassmen of the Scattergood Friends School prepare, in advance, for a life-changing and spiritually-enriching tour in their Junior and Senior years. All programs at the school are designed with the training and edification of future leaders who embody a traditional, grounded education and outlook toward their fellow man and the world at large.

Scattergood Friends School is rigid, but the quality of its graduates is unmistakable. Each Scattergood graduate is fully prepared for the rigors and demands of any college or university in the United States.