Cono Christian School

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Cono Christian School

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Cono Christian School is located in rural Walker, Iowa. Founded in 1951, Cono Christian is a co-ed, Presbyterian, private school that teaches Pre-kindergarden through second grades and fifth through twelfth grades. Cono is associated with the local Presbyterian church.

Cono Christian School’s total enrollment is under 80 students. This lends to the school’s small teacher to student ratio with a total of eight teachers on staff. The teachers are able to adjust lesson to fit individual needs with small classes. Cono Christian also includes the riding of and care of horses in the daily life of their students.

Cono Christian School focuses on providing a solid education and a safe environment for students that are going through family changes such as adoption, divorce, and remarriage. The school is a boarding school that has a combined tuition and board of $27,975. Outside supporters are able to sponsor children at the school.

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Cono Christian School