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Iowa Boarding Schools

The following is a listing of boarding schools located in Iowa.

There are 2 boarding schools located in Iowa (see below).

Cono Christian School Coed   |   Grades: K-12   |   Address: 3269 Quasqueton Ave, Walker, IA 52352

Cono Christian School is located in rural Walker, Iowa. Founded in 1951, Cono Christian is a co-ed, Presbyterian, private school that teaches Pre-kindergarden through second grades and fifth through twelfth grades. Cono is associated with the local Presbyterian church. Cono Christian School’s total enrollment is under 80 students. This lends to the school’s small teacher to student ratio with a total of eight teachers on staff. The teachers are able to adjust lesson to fit individual needs with small classes.…

Scattergood Friends School Coed   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 1951 Delta Ave, West Branch, IA 52358

Scattergood Friends School is a world class finishing school encompassing grades 9-12. It is located in the heart of Cedar County, Iowa and provides an upstanding precollege education with special attention paid to practical trades and sciences. The Scattergood Friends School houses students in over 60 dormitory units and maintains a narrow faculty-to-student ratio. The core studies and obligations of this school are rooted in American Quaker values, but are designed to prepare students for worldwide service and academic contribution.…

Two Residential Choices in IA

There are many options for furthering a child’s development and educational growth in the United States. A popular choice is the use of a boarding school. Boarding schools take education several steps further and offer immeasurable direction and character to bright minds, and in the state of Iowa lay several exceptional examples of such institutions.

Scattergood Friends School

Located in West branch, Iowa, Scattergood Friends School and Farm offers exceptional precollege education opportunities focusing on practical trade skills.

With an ever increasingly diverse student body, Scattergood prides itself on preparing young minds to live hardworking and productive lives through skilled education. Scattergood’s wide range of academics provides students with a multitude of choices. For those interested in the Arts, programs focusing on ceramics, sculpture, digital photo arts, weaving, drama, speech and debate, dance, music bands, and glassblowing. Technology is important to the student body, and Scattergood provides every student with a laptop computer through their Laptop Program introduced in 2003. The laptops are aimed to help students’ productivity and are the property of the students until they depart from the campus. Scattergood also is home to a 35 acre farm which plays host as a living laboratory for many agricultural and farming programs that they offer making this one of the top boarding schools in Iowa.

Maharishi School of Enlightenment

Iowa is a hotbed of progressive thought, and one must only travel to Fairfield, Iowa to see how well it works. Maharishi School of Enlightenment is a boarding school with a curriculum based around meditation and both inner and outer reflection. Their student body is eclectic in that it includes young minds from all corners of the world such as China, Germany, India, Nepal, and the USA. Maharishi School provides boarding students with a family-style school experience. Instead of living on campus, students are paired with a compatible host family local to the school. Host families are those that either currently have children enrolled at the school or children that have already graduated. They apply to host new students, and upon meeting the criteria, the new student is provided a warm and loving home.

The academics of Maharishi school cover core subjects such as math, science, arts, language. In addition to standard classes, they also offer classes that teach Sanskrit reading and writing, science and history fairs, music, and meditation. Through their unorthodox, but effective methods, Maharishi School of enlightenment excels as a boarding school in Iowa.

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Iowa Boarding Schools | Top Boarding Schools in Iowa

Iowa boarding schools including traditional boarding schools and therapeutic boarding schools - list and directory of Iowa boarding schools.