Culver, Indiana is the home of Culver Academies. Founded in 1894 by Henry Harrison Culver, it was named the Culver Military Academy for Young Men.

In 1902, it expanded by adding the Culver Summer Schools and Camps.

In 1971, they became co-ed with the founding of Culver Girls Academy. The focus of the academies and camps is on leadership training.

The academies offer a wide variety of athletic programs such as: varsity football, basketball, golf and an equestrian program. And, this is just a partial list.

They also address the spiritual life of their students by offering Jewish prayer, Muslim prayer, Roman Catholic Mass and a Protestant service.

They accept students in grades 9 – 12. Cost of tuition for boarding is $41,000 and day tuition is $31,000. Financial aid and scholarships are available. Uniforms are mandatory. Books run $300 – $400 per semester.