boarding schoolsElk Mountain Academy is a therapeutic boarding school designed to help young women solve difficult emotional issues such as: attachment disorders, attention deficit, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-destructive or antisocial behavior, and issues involved with their adoption.

Elk Mountain provides innovative therapy, including individual, group and family counseling. We also provide specialized help for students dealing with trauma and/or abandonment issues. The goal is to uncover the psychological factors contributing to the student’s unhealthy behavioral choices. The student will then learn therapeutic tools that will assist her for the rest of her life to be a healthy woman.

Students at Elk Mountain Academy live together in our beautiful lodge and meet regularly with their therapists, who help them confront fears and gain confidence in a safe, nurturing and structured environment.

Art therapy gives girls another way to release their emotions. Animal and equine therapy is a part of our program featuring dogs and miniature horses. Finally, through around the clock interactions with our trained staff, the girls receive constant feedback and assistance in their thinking and actions.

“Clearview taught me to live authentically, accountably, and with integrity. I can tell you that these three boarding schoolsthings will take you very far in life. By living within these values, you will find that life is simple… I have overcome such hurt and pain and I can honestly say my past no longer defines me, fazes me, or destroys me. I am thankful to get this once in a lifetime opportunity that many people in their lives don’t ever get… I want to thank my family … they gave me one of the greatest gifts of all…a second chance at living a healthy life.” – 2015 Graduate