Shepherds Hill Academy

Students: 60 | Faculty: N/A | Grades: 7-12 | Gender: Both

Shepherds Hill Academy

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Shepherds Hill Academy is a hybrid therapeutic program combining traditional wilderness therapy with a Christian boarding school. It serves boys and girls ages 12-17 who have gotten off track in life. The therapeutic boarding school has separate wilderness campuses for boys and girls, with the educational campus in the center.

SHA uses wilderness therapy since the greatest opportunity for character and educational growth happens once feelings of entitlement are diminished. Therapy at SHA includes a blend of equine therapy, wilderness therapy, group therapy, family therapy and individualized therapy.

The “Unplugged Experiential Living” creates an uncluttered path to discover life’s deeper issues without cultural and media distractions. This back to nature experience improves critical, constructive and creative thinking capacities and promotes a genuine sense of identity, accomplishment, and a renewed desire to learn.

Academic Curriculum

SHA’s on-campus Georgia State accredited Junior and Senior High School provides teens with a strong education by certified teaching faculty, without all the distractions, temptations and pressures of public schools. SHA is a highly structured atmosphere that is conducive to academic repair and advancement.

All courses are transferable and commensurate with the requirements of the State of Georgia, and therefore credits also transfer to other states and colleges.  Courses are standards-based and are listed on the Georgia Department of Education website. SHA also provides Georgia Virtual School, which offers advanced opportunities for students to engage in AP classes, college preparatory, career and technical courses and other electives to enhance their learning experience.

Therapeutic Approach

At SHA, kids work with their hands, which is great exercise for their heads and hearts also. They all take part and pride in growing gardens and building and maintaining their own living quarters in the woods, where they do not have access to cell phones, television, radio, decadent music and entertainment or the Internet—with the exception of the Internet in their classroom building, which is filtered and monitored with each use.  SHA is not a pure wilderness program in the sense that the kids are isolated from civilization. SHA is a place where kids are insulated from negative cultural influences long enough to acquire appetites for more healthy pursuits. The challenge of primitive living takes teens out of their comfort zones, curbs entitlement, and teaches them more effect coping skills. Faulty thinking patterns then begin to diminish as the brain’s critical, constructive and creative thinking capacities begin to rebuild—a welcome relief to the areas of the brain overloaded by today’s hustle-bustle and multitasking lifestyles.


“Our grandson was diagnosed with ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Asperger’s syndrome. We tried school after school and no one could tolerate his behavior. Our son returned from his stay at Shepherd’s Hill a changed young man. Instead of being obsessed with the internet, he was obsessed with homework. Instead of being insolent and defiant, he was courteous and well behaved. I would be glad to talk to anyone who is thinking about sending their child or grandchild to Shepherd’s Hill.” – Grandparent from California

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Shepherds Hill Academy