Safe Harbor is a Christian boarding school that uses maritime training as a therapeutic model for helping turn around at-risk teenage boys. Safe Harbor provides a safe, stable, structured, alternative to harsher juvenile programs. Boys in minor trouble with the law or exhibiting bad behavior learn responsibility and experience behavior modification at Safe Harbor through seamanship, mentoring, counseling and a spiritual focus, while also attending the in-house school. The Safe Harbor program is structured and centers on teaching a work ethic and helping the boys understand their behavior is leading them into less & less freedom. Positive character traits are developed by exposing the boys to many maritime vocational opportunities. Character traits such as dependability, follow through, focus and attention to detail, are taught in these courses.

Academic Curriculum

The Safe Harbor academic philosophy is built on the belief that education is a life long process and occurs in every area of life. At Safe Harbor the foundation to a balanced education is the understanding that varied and unique learning styles exist, and identifying the particular style of a student ensures he will achieve maximum success. Integrating a students unique learning style with traditional and active learning, hands-on and critical thinking skills, developed in an atmosphere seeking and requiring excellence, empowers students to achieve maximum success. Thus, learning becomes fun, stimulating, and its own reward.

Therapeutic Approach

Counseling is offered individually and through groups by both licensed mental health professionals, and pastoral counseling. All staff are involved in mentoring during time spent with the boys. These informal settings help the boys relax, begin to trust adults, and learn life lessons not acquired elsewhere. Most boys entering the program have had outpatient counseling but this has not led to anticipated change. Professional staff conducts individual sessions with families and their sons including conversations over the phone, and staff sends frequent email to keep family updated.


“Our son has been doing very. We just cannot thank you enough for being there for us. You have been an incredible blessing in our lives.” – Tex and Nanette

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