Westover School is located in Middlebury, Connecticut and was founded in 1909. It is an all-girls’ high school located on 145-acres. Westover School offers both day school and a boarding program, with a student / teacher of eight to one.

The school offers a traditional high school curriculum, as well as 22 Advanced Placement courses, 72 electives, and 37 art courses. There is also an Online School for Girls, which offers a few Advanced Placement courses.

The Athletic Program at Westover hosts two facilities, The Fuller Athletic Center and The Louis Buckley Dillingham Performing Arts Center.

Current tuition ranges from $35,000 for day students up to $49,000 for boarding students. Tuition includes meals, but there are additional fees for student health insurance and school supplies. The Westover School provides financial aid and loans to nearly 45% of its students.