Miss Porter’s School is an all girl’s college prep boarding school located in Farmington, CT. It has been named the top girl’s school in the U.S. by trusted news sources.

There are roughly 300 girls who attend Miss Porters, and this number includes 100 day students.

Annual costs are roguishly $46,650 for boarding students, and around ten thousand less for matriculating pupils.

The school’s endowment is $100 million, and a third of attending students have financial aid packages. Oprah Winfrey also sponsors 5 girls each year with full scholarships.

Top Marks in EDU

This is a prestigious school that reports scores in the top 90th percentile every year. As a result, the admission rate is quite high; only 29% of applicants are accepted each school year. Students have a wide variety of clubs and sports that they can join in their free time.

These include popular sports like horseback riding, dance, and lacrosse. Students also have the option of studying abroad to improve their global mind set and language skills.

The school was established in 1843 by Sarah Porter who wanted to create a place where girls could acquire a great education. Today notable alumni include Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Lilly Pulitzer, and Gloria Vanderbilt among many others.