List of All-Girl Boarding Schools

For parents looking to send their daughters to an all-girl boarding school, free from distractions, like boys, where they can develop into women among peers, there are about 30 boarding schools to choose from. As you look over the list below, you will notice what are called “therapeutic schools.” These may not be appropriate if your motivation is pursuing academic achievement instead of changing bad behavior. Boarding schools for girls-only can give your child a major advantage in life, from college to career. If you know any we should add, tell us!



  • Spring Ridge Academy – Grades 7-12 Located in the community of Spring Valley in central Arizona, Spring Ridge Academy is a private boarding school for teenage girls.


  • Santa Catalina School – Grades PK-12 The Santa Catalina School was founded in 1950 by Sister Margaret Thompson and the Dominicans. Its hacienda-style campus is inspired by the mission schools.


  • Miss Porter’s School – Grades 9-12 Miss Porter’s School is an all girl’s college prep boarding school located in Farmington, CT. It has been named the top girl’s school in the U.S.
  • The Ethel Walker School – Grades 6-12 Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut was founded in 1911. The school’s original location was in Lakewood, New Jersey prior to moving in 1917.
  • Westover School – Grades 9-12 Westover School is located in Middlebury, Connecticut and was founded in 1909. It is an all-girls’ high school located on 145-acres.


  • Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart – Grades 9-12 The all girl’s school was founded in 1858 in Chicago and moved to Lake Forest, Illinois in 1904. The academy is a private Catholic school.


  • Academy of the Sacred Heart – Grades PK3-12 Academy of the Sacred Heart is an independent Catholic school for girls. It teaches all grades from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade.


  • Garrison Forest School – Grades 8-12 Garrison Forrest School was founded in 1910 in Owings Mill, Maryland. It is a private school associated with the Maryland Independent Schools.
  • Oldfields School – Grades 8-12 Oldfields School is an all-girls boarding and day school for grades 8-12, located in the Glencoe area of Sparks, Maryland. The school was founded in 1867.


  • Dana Hall School – Grades 6-12 Dana Hall School is a private boarding school for female students. This school continually makes the top ten on various boarding schools lists.
  • Miss Hall’s School – Grades 9-12 Miss Hall’s School was founded in 1898 as an all-girls school. The educational program is non-denominational, college preparatory for girls.
  • Stoneleigh-Burnham School – Grades 7-12 Founded in 1869, Stoneleigh-Burnham School is a private, independent college preparatory school for girls grades 7-12, with a postgraduate program available.


  • Chrysalis – Grades 7-12 Located in Eureka, Montana and founded in 1998 by Mary and Kenny Pannell. This school is accredited by the National Independent Private Schools Association.

New Jersey

  • Purnell School – Grades 9-12 The Purnell School is an all-girls private boarding high school. Located in Pottersville, New Jersey, the school is accredited by the Middle States Association.

New York

  • Catherine McAuley High School – Grades 9-12 Catherine McAuley High School is a private all-girls school that is located in Brooklyn, New York. It was founded back in 1942.
  • Emma Willard School – Grades 9-12 Emma Willard School is a private boarding school for ninth through twelfth-grade girls. Located in Troy, New York, the school is near the state’s capital, Albany.
  • Harmony Heights School – Grades 8-12 Harmony Heights is a chartered high school located in Oyster Bay, New York. Established in 1974, Harmony Heights offers grades 8-12.

North Carolina

  • New Leaf Academy – Grades 6-11 New Leaf Academy is a boarding school in North Carolina for girls who are 10-15 years old. The school focuses on the social and emotional development of girls.
  • Saint Mary’s School – Grades 9-12 Saint Mary’s School is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was founded in 1842 as an Episcopal school. Saint Mary’s is a college-prep school for girls in 9th-12th grade.
  • Salem Academy – Grades 9-12 Salem Academy, located in the metropolitan area of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is a private day and boarding school for girls in grades 9-12.


  • New Leaf Academy – Grades 6-11 New Leaf Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school catering to girls with various social, developmental and academic needs.


  • Linden Hall – Grades 5-12 Linden Hall, located in Lititz, PA, holds the title of the oldest independent girls prep school in the US. Founded in 1746.
  • The Grier School – Grades 7-12 The Grier School, located in Tyrone, PA, is an elite all-girls boarding school, offering enrollment to young girls in grades 7-12. In operation since 1853.


  • The Hockaday School – Grades 8-12 The Hockaday School, established 1913, is located in Dallas, Texas. The school campus sits on 88 acres in a residential area of northeast Dallas.


  • Chatham Hall – Grades 9-12 Chatham Hall in Virginia is a private school for girls that offers boarding for students. The courses are challenging, and they prepare students.
  • Foxcroft School – Grades 9-12 Founded in 1914, Foxcroft School is a private girls-only school, located near Middleburg, Virginia. It is an independent college-prep day and boarding school.
  • St. Margaret’s School – Grades 8-12 St. Margaret’s School is a private all-girls Episcopalian school located in Tappahannock, Virginia. It was founded in 1921 by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.
  • The Madeira School – Grades 9-12 The Madeira School is an all-girl boarding and day school located in McLean, Virginia. The school was founded in 1906 by Lucy Madeira.


  • Annie Wright School – Grades PK-12 Annie Wright Schools (AWS), located in Tacoma, Washington, consists of two separate private schools: the lower (coed) and upper (all-girls).

West Virginia

  • Greenbrier Academy – Grades 8-12 The Greenbrier Academy of Pence Springs, West Virginia is an all girl’s therapeutic boarding school accredited by the North Central Association of Schools.