The Benefits of Boarding School

There are many misconceptions regarding the pros and cons of a boarding school education. Firstly, it’s important to note that a student does not have to be academically brilliant to attend boarding school. Boarding school enrollment accepts pupils of various backgrounds and educational levels. Boarding schools have a reputation for encouraging students’ academic potential. Recent studies show that an estimated 91 percent of students who attend boarding school report challenging academics, versus 70 percent of private school students, and 50 percent of public school students. However, this is also coupled with the 77 percent of boarding school students who report their education provided further opportunities for them, down the road. While many students attend boarding school as a result of parents’ working outside of their home country, the majority of boarding school students seek a higher caliber education that a residential schooling environment can provide. For today’s infographic, we take a look at some interesting statistics that further support the benefits of a boarding school education.

Boarding School Infographic

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