Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is a Christian therapeutic boarding school and boys home dedicated to helping troubled boys gain a new start in life. Boys ages 14-17 come to the ranch in Northwest Arkansas from across America. The Adventure Ranch helps at-risk teens who struggle with behavior and troubling issues such as: falling grades, explosive anger, defiance, attention deficit, attachment disorders, minor drug or alcohol abuse, trouble with the law, or disrespect for authority. This adventure-based wilderness program offers an opportunity for the boys to discover a new and more productive future. The program has been turning around troubled boys for the past 40 years, remaking them happy, purpose-driven, respectful young men. Adventure Ranch was the very first Teen Challenge® therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys. They are the only Teen Challenge® program that provides private bedrooms for the boys, which they believe is important. Their energetic counselors and caring staff encourage the boys to apply faith-based solutions to life’s problems, and actively teach that a personal relationship with God is the primary means and source of power for a boy change. They endeavor to help troubled boys become mentally sound, academically proficient, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Academic Curriculum

Individual tutoring is given to students who are struggling academically. Diagnostic testing is provided to students upon entry into the program. Learning gaps and educational deficits are identified. Information is sought from previous schools, and an individually tailored academic plan is put in place for each student. Students are simultaneously enrolled in Alpha Omega Academy’s Distance school. Dual enrollment through AOA gives students courses through an accredited program which will help them transfer credits, apply for federal grants, and pursue admission to colleges or universities while still being enrolled at Teen Challenge’s private Christian School.

Therapeutic Approach

The Adventure Ranch believes that God has a purpose and a plan for every boy who comes to Teen Challenge. It’s not just about teaching boys how to stay out of trouble. It’s about seeing students reach their full potential and experience the hope and future that God intended them to have. Teen Challenge utilizes an integrated model of intervention. Their methods of intervention are biblically-based and incorporate concepts and techniques from various psychological approaches including: Cognitive Behavioral therapies, Reality therapy, Choice theory, solution focused therapy, systems theory, and others. Our program makes use of behavioral elements, experiential activities, therapeutic interventions, and social/interpersonal activities. All of these elements are presented in a loving Christian environment.


“We needed help for our son. We tried everything we knew to do to no avail. The schools kicked him out, wanting nothing to do with him. The doctors wanted to hospitalize him, sedate him into compliance. His anger and aggression were dominating our home and our lives. We lived in fear of him and for him every moment of the day and night. We knew we couldn’t do it without God’s help – but things were getting worse. Our first call to Teen Challenge Ranch rekindled the hope we had that our son could overcome, that God had a plan. We now have our son back, the son who was always there – just hidden beneath all the yuck that consumed his life (and ours). It is a true blessing to have found Northwest Arkansas Teen Challenge Ranch for Boys.” – Todd L.

Learn more on their website: https://teenchallengeranch.com Or call this number: (888) 289-6818