Arizona Boarding Schools

The following is a listing of boarding schools located in Arizona.

There are 4 boarding schools located in Arizona (see below).

Oak Creek Ranch School Coed   |   Grades: 7-12   |   Address: 1165 E Willow Point Rd, Cornville, AZ 86325

Located on seventeen acres in the small and pristine community of Sedona in central Arizona, Oak Creek Ranch School offers a comprehensive education program for teenagers with learning disabilities such as ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorder. For more than four decades, Oak Creek Ranch School has provided a solid educational program for girls and boys in grades 7 through 12. As a boarding school, this small institution prepares middle and high school aged students for college life. The North Central…

Sedona Sky Academy Girls   |   Grades: 9-12   |   Address: 3090 E. Coronado Trail, Rimrock, AZ 86335

Sedona Sky Academy is a leading residential treatment program exclusively for teenage girls ages 13 to 17. Teenage girls are unique. They often deal with and react to challenges differently than their male counterparts. By focusing exclusively on teen girls, we can create an environment that removes competitiveness for male attention and allows for a greater focus on the reasons the young women have joined us. Our top therapeutic treatment boarding school was created out of a desire to see…

Spring Ridge Academy Girls   |   Grades: 7-12   |   Address: 13690 S Burton Rd, Mayer, AZ 86333

Located in the community of Spring Valley in central Arizona, Spring Ridge Academy is a private boarding school for teenage girls in grades 7 through 12. This school’s mission is to educate and improve young ladies with emotional and behavior problems. In addition to offering rigorous academic programs, Spring Ridge Academy offers therapy sessions and other workshops that help teenage girls to deal with emotional issues of daily life. Successful graduates at this all girls boarding school have moved on…

Which School is Right For You?

Arizona is home to seven high quality boarding schools. Arizona’s warm climate and beautiful landscapes make it an ideal place to visit, live, or attend school. And a boarding school is no exception to this rule.

Boarding schools offer a plethora of benefits that overshadow any day school. For one, boarding school offer students the opportunity to develop a sense of independence while still being in a safe and supervised atmosphere.

Students attending a residential boarding school are able to develop their maturity while being exposed to a high quality education.

Even more, students attending boarding schools are able to better assert themselves in their educational future and take more responsibility for their schooling and educational future.

This means students who graduate from a boarding school have an increased chance to move on to a high quality university or college.

Quick Highlight of AZ Boarding Schools

Arizona beats all national standards when it comes to in-state boarding schools. The state has a remarkably high acceptance rate for students applying to boarding schools.

The state has an average acceptance of almost 64 percent, which is a vast increase over the national average of 57 percent. Even more, the state also keeps a very good student to teacher ratio, with the average class size in boarding schools of about 84 students, a much lower number when compared with the national average of about 300.

Also located in the state is Fenster School, a private boarding school located in Tucson, Arizona. The school dates back to 1944 and takes in students in the grades 6 to 12. The school maintains a very small student body of about 50 students.

Another school in the state is the Oak Creek Ranch School which offers teenage students with learning disabilities such as ADHD and similar Attention Deficit Disorders to learn in a high quality educational atmosphere.

Arizona boarding schools offer an ideal opportunity for parents and students wishing to get the very best possible education in the state and build a solid foundation on which to build all future education plans.

Should you need help finding teen challenge for girls, or Christian boarding schools or boarding schools, let us know. This list of boarding schools in American (USA) includes therapeutic boarding schools and alternative schools. The boarding school directory includes all all of the best boarding schools in America. Boarding school learning extends beyond the classroom. Because staff and students live together. Boarding School students also participate in more extracurricular activities than students in state schools, whether playing sports, engaging in creative endeavors like music or painting, or participating in student government and school club activities. Boarding School environments can range in character from arts-focused to militarily-oriented, but almost always feature a student body composed of young people from a diversity of backgrounds.