The Alabama School of Math & Science is a high school for students to learn advanced math and science topics, laying a solid foundation for successful STEM careers later.

Located in the historic district of Mobile, Alabama, students can stay on or off campus.

The residential buildings are divided into boys and girls dormitories.

There are numerous clubs for students to join as well as varsity sports, a theater and art gallery are located on campus, and students grab food at the cafeteria or coffee house.

Summer Camp

The Adventures in Math and Science (AIMS) summer camp can be a good introduction to ASMS, if you’re not sure about whether to attend during the school year yet. They offer three 1-week sessions for students in grades 6-10. Campers can stay for the day or overnight, depending on your preference. Students can even select their roommate if they have a friend attending the same session.

Quick Facts

From the school’s official website:

  • Since 2000, ASMS grads have earned nearly $150 million in merit-based scholarships.
  • 100 percent of ASMS grads are accepted to college.
  • The average composite ACT score for graduating seniors in 2012 was 28.4.

The Alabama School of Math & Science is an excellent school for almost no cost. Competition, therefore, is very high, but admission is a great opportunity for any bright young mind.

History of ASMS

Ann Smith Bedsole, one of the first women elected to the Alabama House of Representatives, helped found the school with a concerned group of citizen in the 1980s. Explicitly modeled after the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts, where students spend their last 2-3 years of high school focusing on advanced math and science topics, ASMS is helping form Alabama’s future leaders. Tuition and room and board are free.

Mission Statement

“Founded in a rigorous math and science curriculum with emphasis on responsible leadership, ASMS will develop the full potential of exceptional students from across the state of Alabama, first serving the needs of those without local access to challenging educational opportunities, while accommodating the needs of the economically disadvantaged.”

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