Military Boarding Schools

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Military Boarding Schools

List of Military Boarding Schools

Parents and students looking for a disciplined environment for learning in a military-style will find this list handy.

Military schools have rich traditions and a successful graduate will have many doors opened. And rightfully so, completing a military-style education is a great achievement early in life.

Note: Military boarding schools are not boot camps, they are prestigious institutions of learning that push for academic excellence.

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  • Lyman Ward Military AcademyGrades 6-12
    Established in 1898, the Lyman Ward Military Academy is located on a 300-acre plot in Camp Hill, Alabama. This is an all-boy private military academy.


  • St. Catherine’s AcademyGrades K-8
    St. Catherine’s Academy is an all-boys catholic military school in Anaheim California. Military structure and leadership training are their goals.


  • Florida Air AcademyGrades 6-12
    Florida Air Academy is a private boarding school for students in grades 6-12. This academy is located in Melbourne, Florida.


  • Riverside Military AcademyGrades 7-12
    Riverside Military Academy was founded in 1907. It is private boarding school located in Gainesville, GA.


  • Culver AcademiesGrades 9-12
    Culver, Indiana is the home of Culver Academies. Founded in 1894 by Henry Harrison Culver.


  • St. John’s Military SchoolGrades 6-12
    St. John’s Military School is located in Salina, KS. It is a boys military school founded 125 years ago.


  • Chamberlain-Hunt AcademyGrades 7-12
    Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is a private, Christian, all male military day and boarding school located in Port Gibson, Mississippi.


  • Missouri Military AcademyGrades 6-12
    Established in 1889, Missouri Military Academy is a highly accredited military school for boys ages 12 – 18, or from Middle School to High School.
  • Wentworth Military AcademyGrades 7-12
    Founded in 1880, Wentworth Military Academy is the oldest military academy West of the Mississippi river. Located in Lexington, Missouri.

New York

  • New York Military AcademyGrades 7-12
    New York Military Academy is a co-ed college preparatory military school located in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY.

North Carolina

  • Oak Ridge Military AcademyGrades 6-12
    Oak Ridge Military Academy is a college preparatory school serving young men and women grades 7-12.


  • Carson Long Military InstituteGrades 6-12
    Carson Long Military Institute, is the oldest school in the nation which still provides military training and experience within an academic setting.
  • Valley Forge Military AcademyGrades 7-12
    Valley Forge Military Academy is a private boarding school and co-ed preparatory college steeped in military tradition. Located in Wayne, PA.

South Carolina

  • Camden Military AcademyGrades 7-12, PG
    Camden Military Academy is a small, male only boarding school located in the rural city of Camden, SC. The school is the official state military academy.


  • Marine Military AcademyGrades 8-12, PG
    Marine Military Academy is a private college preparatory boarding school for boys in grades 8-12. Located in Harlingen, TX.
  • The Episcopal School of TexasGrades 9-12
    The Episcopal School of Texas (TMI), founded in 1893, is a co-educational college preparatory military school located in San Antonio, Texas.


  • Fishburne Military SchoolGrades 7-12, PG
    Fishburne Military School located in Waynesboro, Virginia is one of the top military schools for boys in the nation.
  • Fork Union Military AcademyGrades 6-12
    Fork Union Military Academy is a private college prep military boarding school for boys in grades 6-12. It is a Christian school.
  • Hargrave Military AcademyGrades 7-12
    Hargrave Military Academy located in Chatham, Virginia is one of the premier military schools in the country.
  • Massanutten Military AcademyGrades 7-12
    Massanutten Military Academy is a coed military school in Woodstock, Virginia. It was established in 1899.
  • Randolph-Macon AcademyGrades 6-12, PG
    Randolph-Macon Academy is a co-ed day and boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia. With a curriculum designed for students in grades 6-12.

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